In-Club Competition

The Results are in – After a lot of perseverance and turning up at multiple events the following were awarded trophies. Well done all!

Male 1. James Savage 2. Dee Murray 3. Kieran McMahon

Female – 1= Catherine O’Connor and Patricia Galloway 2. Deidre Weatherall and 3.Joanne Foster





CURRENT STANDINGS – Monday 8th August 2017


(Participation is not compulsory)

1. Only fully paid up Club members will be eligible to participate.  If membership is paid by the end of May 2017 the points can be applied retrospectively to include events already completed. This will apply to both existing and new members. Anyone paying subscription June 1st onwards, can join in but not benefit from retrospective events.

2. Perpetual AND individual trophies will be awarded to the 1st Male & female members who accumulate the highest number of points at the end of the Series. The same applies to the 1st Male and Female Junior which will be a separate competition. Individual trophies will also be awarded to the Male and Female Senior/Juniors who place 2nd and 3rd.

3. There will be a special award for the individual who completes the greatest number of the designated events regardless of personal points accrued.

4. Senior Members must participate in at least 10 of the races named in the Series to be eligible for the Series Prizes. The 10 races must include one of either a cross country or trail/off road race marked ** or the Millstone H & D race (June 1 2017) all of which are worth enhanced points. Juniors must complete 7 of the list to include either the Comber XC or the first of the McGrady Series (date TBA usually September) also worth enhanced points.

It is the intention to award the Prizes at the Club Dinner November 11 2017


Participation  Any distance less than 10k/including Relay e.g. RGU        5 points

10k and greater but less than marathon                                                  10 points

Marathon and greater                                                                              20 points

NB Any marathon/Ultra anywhere counts and these are not listed therefore should be reported to Joe. No other distance/race/event outside the Series List will accrue points for participation/bonus.

XC/Trail as designated ** on the list                                                    20 points

Hill&Dale( Millstone 1st June only)                                                       20 points

NI Relays Team Event per individual                                                   20 points

Bonus (Obviously this will require honesty and to be reported to Joe!)

First Time at any distance                                                                  10 points

PB                                                                                                     10 points

Additional  bonus points will be awarded for finishing positions in relation to other club member participants in increments of 1 point e.g. 5 points for last male/female finisher 6 points for the next and so on.  Males will be ranked against male and female against female. There must be at least 3 EDAC runners of same sex for this to be applied.      

Juniors        Participation in any of listed events                                 10 points

XC   – McGrady/Comber                                                                    20 points

Bonus – as per adults PB/First time at distance                                  10 points

Additional bonus as per above for rank in EDAC runners

10. There is no restriction on the number of events that a member can participate in – the more events you compete in the more points you can accumulate.

11. Joe Quinn will keep the scores for listed races but participants should notify him asap if there are any discrepancies or omissions. He will publish updates on the Webpage.

12. In case of any disputes the Management Committee will adjudicate.  Their decision will be final.



Monday 1 May 2017 – Belfast City Marathon and Relay at 9.00am

Sunday 7 May – Lisburn Relays in Wallace Park at 12.00 noon/ Junior races also    J

Saturday 13 May – 3 Lakes 15 K and 7K at 11.00am.                                        J

Saturday 20th May – Knockevin Special School 5K/10K race                           J

Saturday 27th May  – Co Antrim Harriers Ballyclare May Fair 5k and 10K at 10.00am  (highly recommended, great food)                                                                     J


** Thursday 1 June – Hill and Dale – Millstone at 7.30pm

**Saturday 10 June – Mourne Way 10k/Half  (Marathon and Ultra inc)

Friday 16 June  – Comber 10K at 7.30pm (please support Ballydrain Harriers) (highly recommended, great food)

Friday 23 June – Killyleagh 5 and Junior Club Team races at 6.30pm                   J

Wednesday 28 June –  Loughinisland GAC 5.05 Miles & Fun Run at 7.30pm       J

Friday 30th June – Ards Half Marathon at 6.30pm


Tuesday 11 July  – The Shore Killough 10K at 7.30pm

Tuesday 18 July –  Portaferry 10 Miles and 2 x 5 Miles Relay at 7.45pm

Wednesday 26 July  – RGU 10K and 2 x 5K Relay at 7.30pm                                 J

Saturday 29 July – Kilmore Rec FC 10K in Crossgar at 1.00pm


**Saturday 5 August 2017 – Delamont Trail 10K – Atlas Running (off road)

**Saturday 12 August 2017 – Lecale Way 10K –Atlas Running (off road)

Friday 25 August – Strangford Festival 10K and 5K Walk/Run at 7.30pm          J

Saturday 26 August – Great East Run (Killyleagh Half Marathon) and 3 person Relay in aid of Alzheimers Society at 10.00am                                                     J


Tuesday 12 September 2017 – Mill Hill Mile                                          J

Saturday 17 Sepetember 2017 – Belfast Half Marathon at 9am

Sunday 24th – Darragh Cross 10K and Fun Run 12.00pm     J

**McGrady Race 1 of Series – Sunday 24th Castlewellan                J      

Saturday 30 September 2017 – Bangor 10K


Saturday 7 October 2017 – NI Relay C/ships in Victoria Park/junior races                J

** Saturday 14 October Comber Cup Cross Country/Junior race         J

Saturday 21 October  – Red High 10K and 2 x 5K Relay                                      J

Events in BOLD type are East Down AC promoted races.

J denotes Junior

 Events marked ** fulfil xc/trail/off road requirement