Comber Potato 10k

Brendan Teer turned up, ran, won. A very simplistic description of the outcome of Saturday’s Comber Potato 10K race and one which would do a great disservice to what was a fascinating contest. It was perhaps fitting that the first renewal of this race in over 30 years should provide a duel between the past and the present, with wily veteran Paul Rowan from Willowfield Harriers, 4 times former winner of Jimmy’s Ten, throwing down the gauntlet to East Down’s ever competitive athlete of the year. The fact that the race was only decided inside the last kilometre showed that even at 45 plus years Rowan is still a force to be reckoned with and that Teer’s strategy of waiting until the Willowfield man had fired his best shots before pouncing is one which he will employ to good effect again. Continue reading

Junior members competing night at Bangor running track competition

100m BOYS : Matthew McGrattan, Thomas & Harry Brown, Adam morgan.
GIRLS : Grace Surginor, Lucy Morgan.

400m GIRLS : Ella Carroll, Caroline O’Hare, Laura Green, Grace Surginor, Lucy Morgan BOYS : Matthew McGrattan, Martin Burke,

1500m BOYS : James Smyth, Mackenzie Murray, Christopher McMullan, Adam Morgan, Thomas & Harry Brown, GIRLS : Elisha Surginor, Hanna Gilliland, Edie Carroll.

3000m BOYS : Caolan Atkinson, Daniel Atkinson, Owen Edwards GIRLS :

Javelin : (if age rules on the night allow) BOYS : Matthew McGrattan, Martin Burke GIRLS : Lucy Morgan

To be finalised before registration on the night.

Busy Week

Last week began for me, as most of them do, on Wednesday, which is the day our local weeklies, the Recorder and Observer, hit the streets. A word of praise and thanks here to both for their superb coverage of athletics over the past months, especially of the Hill and Dale series, carrying reports, pictures and results of virtually every running thing.  Continue reading

Run for Paul

Can EDAC members please support this very important fund raising event or make a donation to help Paul Brannigan with life saving treatment.

Paul Brannigan-page-001Races in Delamont on Sunday 28 June at 10.00am