Roll of Honour – Finish Position

This list covers all type of races. The results are based on the race’s finish position.

  1. Male & Female – Over All 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  2. Male – Age Category 35yrs+ (1st only)
  3. Female – Age Category Female Open+ (1st only)

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Last update with race: 05/09/2014 – Belfast Telegraph Runher Titanic 10K
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DateRaceGenderAge CatHolderPos
04/01/2014Antrim IAAF Senior menMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson1
04/01/2014Antrim IAAF Male 35+MaleM40Martin Willcox1
01/02/2014Roller Coaster 5KMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
01/02/2014Roller Coaster 5KMaleM40Martin Willcox1
01/02/2014Roller Coaster 5KFemaleF45Wendy Findlay1
22/02/2014Stormont XC Male Open & MastersMaleM40Martin Wilcox1
22/02/2014Stormont XC Male Open & MastersMaleM35Barrie Atkinson1
23/02/2014Ben Dearg 10KMaleOver AllPaul Burns2
23/02/2014Ben Dearg 10KMaleOver AllMichael Cultra3
23/02/2014Ben Dearg 10KMaleM45Mark O'Connor1
01/03/2014Albertville 5 MileMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
01/03/2014Albertville 5 MileMaleM40Paul Burns1
09/03/2014Addiction NI 10KMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson1
09/03/2014Addiction NI 10KFemaleF45Carmel Tumelty1
16/03/2014Jimmys 10KMaleM40Martin Willcox1
22/03/2014Larne Half MarathonMaleM35Barrie Atkinson1
09/04/2014Bay Road 5kMaleM35Barrie Atkinson1
12/04/2014Castleward Challenge 10KMaleOver AllJames Savage1
12/04/2014Castleward Challenge 10KMaleOver AllPaul Burns2
12/04/2014Castleward Challenge 10KFemaleOver AllCatherine O'Connor2
17/04/2014Hill&Dales - Race 1MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
17/04/2014Hill&Dales - Race 1MaleM40Paul Burns1
17/04/2014Hill&Dales - Race 1FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
20/04/2014Ballygalget Community 10KMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
24/04/2014Hill&Dales - Race 2MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
24/04/2014Hill&Dales - Race 2FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
26/04/2014Ballynahinch Lions 10KMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
26/04/2014Ballynahinch Lions 10KMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson3
26/04/2014Ballynahinch Lions 10KMaleM45James Magennis1
26/04/2014Ballynahinch Lions 10KMaleM40Martin Willcox1
01/05/2014Hilltown 10kMaleOver AllBrendan Teer2
01/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 3MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
01/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 3FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
08/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 4MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
08/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 4FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
10/05/20143 Lakes 14kMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
10/05/20143 Lakes 14kMaleOver AllJames Savage3
10/05/20143 Lakes 14kMaleM40Francis Tumelty1
16/05/2014Les Jones Memorial 10KMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
17/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 5FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
21/05/2014North Down AC-3KMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson1
22/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 6MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
22/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 6FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
29/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 7MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
29/05/2014Hill&Dales - Race 7FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
05/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 8MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
05/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 8FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
12/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 9MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
19/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 10MaleM65Brian Hamilton1
19/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 10FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05MaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05MaleOver AllMartin Willcox3
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05MaleM60Tom Dowey1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05MaleM45Dee Murray1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05MaleM40Peter Morgan1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05MaleM35James Savage1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05FemaleF50Linda Cunningham1
25/06/2014Loughinisland 5.05FemaleF35Cheryl Denvir1
27/06/2014Ards Half MarathonMaleOver AllBrendan Teer3
28/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 11MaleMjuniorJames Millar1
28/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 11FemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
28/06/2014Hill&Dales - Race 11FemaleF50Linda Cunningham1
29/06/2014Ballykinlar 10kMaleOver AllMark O'Connor3
29/06/2014Ballykinlar 10kMaleM60Tom Dowey1
04/07/2014Greyabbey 10kMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson2
04/07/2014Greyabbey 10kMaleM60Tom Dowey1
04/07/2014Greyabbey 10kMaleM35Michael Cultra1
09/07/2014Kennedy Kane McArthur Half MarMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson2
11/07/2014Shore 10kMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
11/07/2014Shore 10kMaleM45Dee Murray1
11/07/2014Shore 10kFemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
27/07/2014Cookstown Half MarathonMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson1
30/07/2014RGU 10kMaleOver AllMartin Willcox1
30/07/2014RGU 10kMaleM45Dee Murray1
30/07/2014RGU 10kMaleM35James Savage1
30/07/2014RGU 10kFemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
30/07/2014RGU 10kFemaleF35Cheryl Denvir1
04/08/2014Kilmore Rec 5 mileMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson1
04/08/2014Kilmore Rec 5 mileMaleM60Ian McCracken1
04/08/2014Kilmore Rec 5 mileMaleM45Dee Murray1
04/08/2014Kilmore Rec 5 mileMaleM40Martin Willcox1
04/08/2014Kilmore Rec 5 mileMaleM35James Savage1
14/08/2014Darragh Cross 6 Mile Road RaceMaleOver AllJames Savage3
14/08/2014Darragh Cross 6 Mile Road RaceMaleM45Dee Murray1
14/08/2014Darragh Cross 6 Mile Road RaceFemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
16/08/2014Track - Open Graded 1500mMaleOver AllNeil McCartan1
17/08/2014Bright Community 10km Road RaceMaleOver AllJames Savage1
17/08/2014Bright Community 10km Road RaceMaleOver AllFrancis Tumelty2
17/08/2014Bright Community 10km Road RaceMaleOver AllCaolan Atkinson3
17/08/2014Bright Community 10km Road RaceMaleM55Colm McNeill1
17/08/2014Bright Community 10km Road RaceMaleM45Dee Murray1
17/08/2014Bright Community 10km Road RaceMaleM40Roger Byrne1
22/08/2014Strangford Festival 10KMaleOver AllBrendan Teer1
22/08/2014Strangford Festival 10KMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson2
22/08/2014Strangford Festival 10KMaleM45Declan Teague1
29/08/2014Killyleagh 5 mileMaleOver AllBarrie Atkinson1
29/08/2014Killyleagh 5 mileMaleMjuniorCaolan Atkinson1
29/08/2014Killyleagh 5 mileFemaleFOCatherine O'Connor1
27/09/2014Bangor Aurora 10KMaleOver AllBrendan Teer3