Callout for Jimmy’s Ten Helpers

As most of you are aware the organisation for Jimmy’s 10K starts well in advance of the event. Last year we welcomed record numbers and put on a fantastically well received race. Maintaining this standard is only possible if the whole club embraces the occasion and if all members are prepared to pitch in. We have a committee (strangely enough called Jimmy’s Ten Committee) specifically set up to deal with all aspects of the race. It urgently needs an injection of new (and young) blood. So you are invited to come and

join us as we’re sure you have at least one or more of the skills needed -see the list below. We know you can help in some way whether by joining the organising Committee or just offering your services. There will be a maximum of 6 meetings between now and March and attendance at these is not always necessary even if you take on the leadership of a sub committee such as:-

   1. Sponsorship and promotion

    2. Entries and registration

    3. Premises preparation and tidy up

    4. Marshalling

    5. Catering

    6. Meet and greet the race sponsors

    7. Handling of the prize distribution

    8. Arranging for photos of winners for papers


    9. You name it

   10. General dogsbody

The first meeting of the Jimmy’s Ten Committee takes place on Thursday night 30th November at 8.30 in the Club Rooms. If you cannot attend this but intend to help please get in touch asap.

Taking on an organisational role will not prevent you from running the race, provided that all members accept the rule that if they want to race on the day that they should nominate a stand in for duties on the day, or you carry out some other task before or after the race e.g. help at traffic direction, pick up course markers. It is just not possible for Jimmy’s Ten committee to cover all the requirements. In many clubs the rule is that NO members run in their home event, but we prefer to avoid having to implement a rule like that.

As well as being a matter of pride that we can put on a top class event, the club relies on the income from Jimmy’s Ten to pay for the rent of premises, maintenance, coaching courses, entry fees, PR etc and by bringing in a good profit from this one event we can keep the membership fees to an absolute minimum.

Please email or  contact Joe asap.